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Thursday, January 05, 2006

No Choice

Our social problem needs to be solved:
Last time I turned on TV, I s saw some people playing indecent games with bikini girls. I switched to another channel. I saw a group of people was discussing some political issues. Every one spoke with assurance, but no one really brought up a practical point. The functions of the media should be provide useful information to the public or entertain the audiences not disturb the society. However, we can see only troubled shows on the media, and no mistake the media in our society is sick.

When we watch TV, we often see the programs or news which are disgusted. No matter the media report exaggeratedly or the programs play the games which persecute other people or animal, these are the pictures we do not want to see. We have no choice. The only thing we may do is to switch the channel or turn off TV.

The best way to resolve problems is to spread people’s voice and let Government Information office know what people would like. In fact, if the mass media always spread some news with negative affection for people, just for gaining the high ratio or popularity, and lose their professional ethics, people also have their own choice to resist. In the nation based on democracy, people’s voice is the best weapon to govern and supervise the mass culture.

Besides, we may probably assemble a great of people to protest the mass media, which is harmful to the TV watchers. For those which disseminate fake information only for the high audience rating, we should censure these doings, and we also can cosign a lot of people to boycott those mass media. After that, we hope we may refresh the new tone of mass media and get a brand-new society.

Consequently, we can see the media abuse is one of our problems in contemporary society. Even though we live under this unfriendly environment, we are not pessimism and still can make efforts to change it. As students, we can have choice and turn positive view to face our problem and express our thoughts. No choice is only existed in the communist country. But hopefully, we are not. We have free choice to decide which mass media our audiences want. We have right choice to do the right thing instead of no choice.

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