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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Give Us a Clean Kaohsiung, Our Dream Land

Give Us a Clean Kaohsiung, Our Dream Land
Chiang Tzu-yi, Jenny
[phone and address removed]
Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As a citizen in Kaohsiung, everyone should be familiar with a scene which is many people get in the line in front of water station to buy daily using water. Bottle water and so called ‘RO pure water’ became required products in every resident’s house. Why can’t people in Kaohsiung get clean water? While everyone get used to buy water from water stations or convenience stores, how many of citizens still care about water pollution?

Be the second biggest city, gathering numerous heavy industrialized factories, and blending with feeding fowls and bestial, the quality of water in Kaohsiung became much worse through time. While people consider Taiwan as a developed country, our awareness to some environmental issues did not yet follow up.

Fancy slogans and deceitful promises are always announced during the elections. However, problems are not solved. Even the government enacted laws to restrict the emission of waste water from families, factories, and ranches, the collusion between government officers and the owners often delegalized or decreased the efficiency. Besides this, we all know to change the drainage system is the quickest and the most basic way to improve water quality, but lack of budget and long hours for this difficult job are two possible reasons to slow down the plan.

Except for government’s responsibility, there are some actions we people can do to save our water. Joining some events which aimed at ‘clean our seashore,’ bringing back our own trash and even taking back others’ are some simple actions we can do to show our concern of protecting the origin of water. To use our personal behavior to influence other people and strike for our pure water together. If everyone can put a little effort and pay a little attention to this problem, having clean water for our daily use is never a dream.

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Thank you very much.

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