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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Heaven or Hell

Carrie's group's letter to the Editor 日期: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 01:10:58 +0800 (CST)
寄件者: carrie
主題: An editorial about the issue of losing weight

Dear sirs,
We are a group of senior students from Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in Kaohsiung. We would like to express our concerns about the serious problem of losing weight. The article is attached with this mail. Thank you

Sincerely yours,

Hsiao-Wen Tai
Erica Tian
Stephanie Weng
Alicia Lin
Carrie Chang
Sibyl Lee
Heaven or Hell

Issues of losing weight are not news anymore, but they are the topics that we never stop talking about. We saw celebrities or TV commercials everyday telling us how their ways or products can help us cut down our weight. But is it really true that “slim is more beautiful”? We think most people, especially young women, were misled by the wrong sense of value from the media, so they become more aware of their body shape. On the other hand, the glamorous of these people caused more doubts and stresses for women who are struggling with losing weight. In fact, the behavior of losing weight often leads to illness, including physical and mental ones. According to a research made in Hong Kong, there are one out of ten people suffered from anorexia and three out of ten people suffered from serious one. These patients lost desire to eat and eventually lost their health. The serious problem of losing weight and its influence are worse than what we imagined.

There is a story about one of our friend, Lindy. Lindy was the most beautiful girl at our school in senior high. Lots of boys were crazy about her. Not only because she was pretty and slender, but also of her intelligence. She was almost perfect in our mind. But she is never satisfied with her body shape. In order to keep her body slim, she never eats anything that can cause her fat. She only ate vegetables for her meal. Once she found out her weight was increasing, she started to go on a diet. Finally, she was sent to the hospital because of the malnutrition. The doctor said she has gotten the anorexia because of the long-term disorder of her diet. She never came to school again before we graduated.

Lindy’s story is only a tip of the iceberg. There are still many people in our society who are suffering from pursuing a “better” body shape with unhealthful ways. Unfortunately, our government didn’t do much to change the twisted value of beauty and the mass media even advocates the value of ”Slim is more beautiful”. We should be aware of this issue, and rebuild a healthful image of beauty. We can’t help wondering, when those women are having anorexia and a perfect body figure at the same time, are they in the heaven or the hell?


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