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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Final Paper

Purpose: To show how rhetoric in a particular speech works, with examples and analysis or explanation

Introduction: Briefly introduce rhetoric, the speaker (biography relevant to the speech), the context of the speech (audience, purpose), thesis.

(Thesis formula
: In speech x, speaker y uses techniques a, b, and c to persuade the audience to ____________.)

body paragraphs

(analysis: one paragraph per technique or per technique family)

Conclusion: Summarize the points made.

Define your Thesis: In his “Title of Speech,” (Name of speaker for example, Martin Luther King) uses repetition, allusion, and metaphor to persuade the white moderate audience to support his struggle for equal rights for African-Americans now, not later.

Include a title page where you must indicate your Name and student number.

This final paper is a collaborative task. You must work in groups of 3.
Only the group where Robbin belongs to will have 4 members.


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