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Thursday, January 05, 2006

To Stop Child Abuse in Taiwan’s Society

Many incidents of abuse happen throughout the island of Taiwan every day, especially child abuse. Every time when the sever abuse case is reported in the news, the society may take briefly notice of the fate of the child. However, does the public really take an action to the issue? Our society never learns the lesson and everything will blow over until the next death of an innocent life.

Child abuse dose not occur unexpectedly. In fact, the affair is related to Taiwanese culture, such as immature marriage of teenagers. The young couples even have not learned how to take care of themselves, how can they nurture a young life?

Secondly, the long depression and unemployment will lead a person addict to alcohol or drug. The parents or partners are alcoholic or drug addict might cause abuse. After taking drug or drinking, the addicts who lose their mind will hurt the children.

Finally, parents pay for the babysitting. Due to the financial support, parents are always busy at work. Both parents do not have time to take care of their children. Thus, finding someone to look after their kids is the best way to resolve. If the baby-sitter is not professional, he or she will mad at the children and abuse them.

Child abuse happens every day. The case on the TV news or newspaper is the most severe one. How about the unrevealed ones? The whole society should take responsibility for the issue and prevent the child abuse from happening again and again in Taiwan’s society.

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