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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Understanding Culture Through Poetry

We Real Cool. Learning about Gwendolyn Brooks and her reflections on black culture and way of life.


About the author

Gwendolyn Brooks- reading 'We Real Cool', click here.

More on Brooks from Modern American Poetry, click here.


News about her death, from CNN, click here.

Ulrich’s Video

Audio and text transcript are also available from PBS, Online Newshour's Jim Lehrer, click here.


A look at your own culture through poetry. Choose a poem that has influenced you a lot. In what ways do you relate to the message of the poem. In what ways is the poem relevant to your situation and/or the environment that you live in. Does it reflect in anyway the Taiwanese culture? You may choose a poem written by a Chinese author, present the original work together with an English translation.


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