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Saturday, May 13, 2006

What's in a name?

Click on a name to view individual photostory. Each photostory is about 4-5 minutes long. The film contains a student's interpretation of his/her Chinese/English name, what it means (literally) and what it means to him/her and how it has affected his/her personality, character and well-being.

Group 1Stella (WMV), Sam (WMV), Daniel (MP4)

Group 2 Jennifer (WMV), Jenny (WMV), Ingrid (WMV)

Group 3
Claire Hou (WMV), Carrie Huang (WMV), Reggie Lin (MP4), Betsy Wen (MP4), Jocelyn Chen (MP4)

Group 4
Kimmi Chen (WMV), Linda(WMV), Cindy Huang(WMV)

Group 5
Justin (WMV), Winnie (WMV), Regis (MP4), Jill (MP4), Elsa (MP4)

Group 6
Vera (WMV), Ruby, Melody Tsai (WMV, 1 min 20 sec)

Group 7
Jason (MP4), Cliona (MP4), Leo (MP4), Phoebe (MP4), Wain (MP4), Shonn (MP4)

Group 8
Julie Chou (WMV, Margaret (WMV), Erican Tian (WMV), Stephanie (WMV)

Group 9
Aaron (MP4), Ting Tsai (WMV), Leo Kuo (MP4), Cindy Hsu (MP4), Angela (MP4)

To Carrie, Bernice, and Hsiao Wen- the files you sent are neither wmv nor avi. I could not open them. Can you please resend the files- make sure they're saved as wmv or mp4.

Note: To stream the video, click a name to play. To download the video to your hard drvie, right click your mouse and select 'save as'.


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