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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Forbidden Tongue, or Singlish

Citizens of this glorious planet, now hear this. It has come to our attention that a significant number of you have been speaking in The Forbidden Tongue.

Let me remind you that if we do not speak the same English as the rest of the galaxy, that is Standard English, the Trade Federation and other members of this great Empire will not be able to understand you.

We are a developed and civilised member of the galaxy. We are not one of those outer-rim planets, where they speak a kind of Pidgin English that has almost destroyed their economic development.

The Forbidden Tongue, or Singlish as it is called in the vulgar vernacular, has to be destroyed!
-------------------------------------------------------------------I personally feel that Singlish defines who we are as a nation... Singlish(Singapore English) and we should embrace it proudly. Gives us some sort of identity of being Singaporean although we haven't got an established nationalism. (A true embodiment of our creolised culture) But on the other hand, it is necessary that we should be able to distinguish the right/wrong times to speak it. Neither does it mean that we should be pardoned for not knowing the "true" forms of the language.
Speak correctly to an American/Australian/British to be understood. Speak Singlish to "kaki nang" to connect with each other, identify with each other.

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