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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Documentary Film Rubric

A rubric has been created to help me assess your documentary film project.

Download the rubric (hover mouse to the url link below, right click mouse and select, 'Save as')

To view online, simply click the url below.

View/download Rubric

40-44 points= A
35-39 points= A-
30-34 points= B+
25-29 points= B
20-24 points= B-
15-19 points= C
10-14 points= C-
5-9 points= D
1-4 points= F

A= 95-100%
A-= 90-94%
B+= 85-89%
B= 80-84%
C= 70-74%
C-= 65-69%
D= 60-64%
F= 59 below


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